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This venture is very important to me because my clients have made me a big part of their lives when they are diagnosed with alopecia or develop a medical condition that requires medications and treatments where hair loss is a side effect. Social media, fashion and magazines show that beautiful children, teens and women have hair, flawless skin and makeup, great bodies and a healthy overall appearance. Societal standards have burned into the brains of men and women these attributes so it’s not uncommon for people to try to model themselves after what they see. THIS IS MAGNIFIED FOR CHILDREN!! There are no images of bald women used in beauty ads. There are no bald princesses that look like them. And we know that representation is very important. There are no positive images aimed at making them feel good about the image they see in the mirror while they go through the process of losing hair. Hair loss is devastating to adult women so we can only image the mindset of our little ones. We know that the psychological effects of self-image can play a big part in healing and quality of life so let’s work together to bring lots of big smiles to these little faces.

I want to create a whole world for them starting with images they can relate to. This project will target girls ages 5 to 13. BUT I REFUSE TO STOP THERE!! I would love to see my images inspire teens and adults.

I’m working hard to get the word out and make sure this book is in the hands of every child that needs it. The image of the main character was created after working with the hair loss community but my love for children started when I worked at Children’s Hospital in St Louis, Mo. Spending my money on wands, crowns, glitter, etc to create a little fun in such a serious atmosphere was what my little ones looked forward to. And even though it has taken me years to come full circle, I DO SO WITH AN EXCITEMENT FILLED SPIRIT. My prayer is that parents will see my heart and soul in this project and share it with their little ones. Together we can make a difference!!!

Before you leave…Please take your little one by the hand and lead them to the mirror. Lift their faces up with confidence as they look at their reflection and ask them to repeat these words after you (Your role in this IS VERY IMPORTANT!!):

“I am wonderfully and fearfully made. I will define what beauty means, not this world. No matter what my hair situation is, I will always be- 

Me, My Beautiful Self!!”

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insurance book cover jpg


About 8 years ago, my clientele started to change. I started seeing more clients that had hair loss as a result of cancer treatments. People in my area knew me as a wig wearer and extension specialist so they would come to me for suggestions on how to hide their thinning hair or baldness. As I started doing more within this community, I started getting more clients with hair loss due to other reasons.

While I was online one day, I read an article on how this lady received financial assistance from her insurance company to purchase a wig. I started calling all my friends that worked for insurance companies. ALL OF THEM THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY!! But I knew this lady couldn’t be the only one insurance would help so I researched how I could help my clients. As I became more serious, information started coming up everywhere. My friends started taking me seriously and asking management. I started calling all the insurance companies. And I started doing claims!! The first few were hard because I had no clue where to start but one thing was for sure, SHE WAS GONNA FIND OUT!!!

Some claims were harder than others but I figured it out.

Some claims were rejected but I fixed them and resubmitted.

I didn’t know I could also bill for my time and consults so I figured out how.

I made sure to create a list of managers, customer service reps and websites I could refer to.

I made sure I knew exactly what could be covered and how.

I made sure I knew what products would work for which clients and how to code for them.

I made sure to ask questions, no matter how basic or dumb I thought it was to provide the best service.






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